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Complete and accurate bookkeeping, the backbone of all accounting, is essential for the preparation of all business management reports.

We have bookkeeping experts to supply reliable, complete and accurate reports at reasonable prices - at our office or at yours. Let us take care of all the business reporting requirements while you take care of growing your business.

Consider our onsite bookkeeping service as a cost savings rather than adding another employee. After accurately and completely recording all transactions for the period, bank and credit card statements will be reconciled along with vendor and customer accounts. From there all the necessary filings for payroll, HST and WSIB will be completed.

Finally, monthly financial reports will be available to assist with effective and efficient management of your business finances.

Imagine the value of all the stress of government filing and reporting being completely eliminated - at an affordable price.

Personal and Corporate Tax Services

We provide professional corporate tax preparation complete with financial statements and e-file service. As all corporations must file a T2 every year, whether or not there is tax owing, let us take care of those corporate responsibilities for the current year or for years that may have been missed. Get-up-to-date with our courteous and objective e-filing service.

Dealing with the CRA is often confusing and time consuming. We can help. We have the experience. From CRA requests for more information to payroll and HST reviews to full company audits, we provide business support to quickly and efficiently answer the questions of the tax department.

Personal tax filing is an annual requirement. As the Canadian tax system continues to increase in complexity, we take the time to keep up with the changes to help navigate the tricky waters of taxes. Clients can be assured the most up-to date knowledge will be used to either minimize the annual tax bill or maximize the tax refund.

Our team of tax professionals has experience with a broad range of personal and business situations. Some of our clients are:

  • Retired couples with investment income
  • Seniors on a pension
  • Home-based business owners
  • Building contractors
  • Commissioned salespeople
  • Investment professionals
  • Service business owners
  • Rental property owners
  • Store owners
  • Young newly-weds starting a family

Part of an effective tax service is the review and planning process performed at any time of the year but particularly when family or business circumstances change. The birth of a child, a change of job, the sale of the business or the passing of a loved one are times when we can offer valuable advice on personal and business tax matters.

Payroll Services and Sales Tax Compliance

An important but time consuming aspect of any business is the payroll function. The collection of payroll data, the monthly paper filing and the annual summaries and T4's are the time consuming areas our payroll experts easily handle on a day to day basis.

No matter if your payroll is large or small, entrusting the duties to our payroll team delivers peace of mind at a small price.

It is the same situation with the monthly, quarterly or annual calculations and filing requirements for HST and WSIB premiums. Let us take care of those burdensome tasks for you as they are services we regularly provide.

If your HST filings or T4's and payroll filings have fallen behind, CRA can be hard to deal with; let us be your liaison between the government and you. We can review your accounts with CRA and keep you out of trouble.

Accountant Software Training

Onsite or at our office, we're here to help. If you feel you've been left behind by technology, don't be worry. The nature of software is constantly changing and evolving. We have been training for many years and have developed the patience and knowledge to help get you back up to speed.

As a Certified Quickbooks Proadvisor, our office is well equipped to handle your unique business needs. We provide a personalized solution and the ongoing support required for a smooth transition.

Time constraints can prove to be a big hurdle in everyday business. Thus we also employ remote computer assistance that eliminates travel time, freeing up more time to solve the issue at hand.